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BAM by Brian Gagen

Brian is delighted  to be still part of 4YYY as it takes a more modern shape and ventures into new directions.  He sees the YYY group as a positive, energetic force in our local community with the potential of finding creative ways of serving the Hill Country.  He sees us as being most fortunate in having a group of talented, resourceful people prepared to bring their expertise to the task.

The program seeks to make comment on current affairs - relating to a wide range of current happenings that often cry out for intelligent and informed comment.  The program encourages listener feedback, comment, criticism.  At times Brian’s program awakens some sharp reaction, and people often find ways to communicate their response.  Viewer feedback is always most welcome!

The BAM program reflects Brian’s lifelong interest in Church matters, Christian spirituality and the long and complex human journey into faith, hope, charity and compassion!  He calls it Brian and his Mates - and introduces insights from an impressive range of writers; theologians, social commentators, reviews, etc

When he retied from 40 years of teaching (mainly senior secondary in the Catholic system) in 1999, Brian Gagen was encouraged by Pat Tunny (our Founding Father!) to get involved in producing a program - hence was born, eventually the BAM Program.  

At first Brian was happy to share the program with Margaret Tunny, BAM - Brian and Margaret, but when she retired, he went on his lonesome, until Peter Scanlan came to join the fun! And now we have, BAM - Brian and his Mates.